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Today, we’ll dive deep into the world of FM WhatsApp APK, a variation of the well-known WhatsApp application. In this discussion, we’ll unravel its characteristics, strengths, and potential drawbacks. If you’re eager to discover intriguing insights, stay with us. In our tech-centric era, communication stands paramount. The rise of smartphones brought with it an influx of messaging platforms. Among them, WhatsApp undeniably reigns supreme, championing privacy in every chat. Yet, human curiosity always seeks more, leading to the birth of apps that draw inspiration from WhatsApp. This piece will delve into FM WhatsApp APK, a standout alternative to WhatsApp. Not only will we explore its specifics, but we’ll also guide you through its installation process, coupled with a direct link for hassle-free downloading. Ensure you stick with us for the complete scoop, leaving no paragraph unturned.

What is FM WhatsApp APK?

FM WhatsApp stands as a revamped version of the classic WhatsApp, akin to the likes of GBWhatsApp. While WhatsApp has carved its niche worldwide owing to its intuitive design, outstanding features, and an encryption system that safeguards users’ privacy, it does come with certain constraints. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to control who can reach out to you via calls. FM WhatsApp APK steps in to address these gaps, enhancing user experience with its richer features. Among the upgrades introduced in the FM WhatsApp Update are tailored privacy settings for individual contacts, groups, and broadcasts, the ability to mask online presence, pause ‘last seen’, conceal read receipts, auto-reply mechanisms, and a feature to schedule messages. Users can also download status updates, enjoy over 4000 themes, and have the flexibility to tailor the interface as per their preferences. A notable advantage is the dual-app functionality, enabling users to run FM WhatsApp alongside the official version, facilitating the use of two accounts on a singular device.

Why we use FMWhatsApp APK?

One might ponder, why opt for FM WhatsApp when the original app exists? The rationale is uncomplicated: FM WhatsApp offers an enhanced visual appeal and a repertoire of features absent in the traditional app. It hands over the reins of customization to users, granting them the liberty to mold the app to resonate with their tastes. For those who might find the iconic green layout of the classic WhatsApp mundane, FM WhatsApp permits a color transformation, adding a touch of personal flair to your messaging experience. Getting your hands on FM WhatsApp is a breeze. Simply head to our official site, where we’ve laid out all the essential details for you. Visit to snag your free FM WhatsApp APK download. Rest assured, this won’t dent your wallet; it’s absolutely cost-free. To start, hit the download option below, and in a matter of moments, your download will commence.

So, what’s FMWhatsApp APK all about?

Consider it as an enhanced iteration of WhatsApp, crafted by Foud Apps under the adept hands of its developer, FoudMakkad. He infused this app with a plethora of features, making it a hit among users. While you won’t find this gem on the Google Play Store, it’s available on certain external websites. A word of advice: always ensure you run an antivirus check when downloading from third-party sites to steer clear of any potential malware or viruses. Think of FM WhatsApp as an elite counterpart to GB WhatsApp. With this app, you can discreetly manage your online presence, from masking your ‘last seen’ to concealing read receipts and even tweaking interface icons. One of its standout features? An extensive library brimming with diverse themes for you to play with.

Here’s a quick snapshot of FMWhatsApp APK:

  • App Name: FmWhatsApp
  • Current Version: 14.09
  • File Size: 52.02 MB
  • Developer: FoudMakkad
  • Package Name: com.FmWhatsApp
  • Nature of the App: A revamped WhatsApp version
  • Last Updated: June 18, 2019.

Features Of FM WhatsApp APK

Broadened Broadcasting

Breaking the traditional confines, FM WhatsApp allows users to venture beyond the typical 256-contact broadcast limit, ushering in an expansive capacity of 1024 contacts. This shift is particularly invigorating for businesses, facilitating more expansive outreach without the monotony of repeated contact selection.

Stealth and Subtlety

In an era where online visibility can sometimes be a bane, FM WhatsApp offers a solace. Users can remain active, navigating the app, while appearing offline to their contacts. By freezing the ‘last seen’, the world only witnesses the timestamp from when this feature was engaged. But for those at the other end of the spectrum, desiring a perpetual online aura, the ‘Always Online’ feature under FMMods >> Universal >> Settings makes it possible. Though, one would need to ensure FM WhatsApp remains active in the recent apps to retain this illusion.

Fontastic Typography

Boredom strikes when monotony takes over, even in the realm of text. FM WhatsApp understands the yearning for variety, offering a typography treasure with over 60 font styles. From the suave Roboto-Light to the playful ComicSans, and even touching the fandom arena with Harry Potter and Transformers, there’s a font for every mood and whim.

Guarding Privacy with Finesse

Nosy acquaintances peeking into conversations is an experience most would rather avoid. FM WhatsApp addresses this with a feature that makes contact names evaporate from chats, ensuring names remain a mystery. And for those who wish to be promptly notified when certain contacts come online, the ‘Online Toast’ notification is a dream come true. The best part? One doesn’t have to remain tethered to FM WhatsApp to receive this alert; it works seamlessly even when engaging with other apps.

Privacy Reimagined

In the digital age, privacy is paramount. FM WhatsApp delivers a plethora of customizations, allowing users to take the reins. Whether it’s concealing read receipts, masking ‘typing‚Ķ’ indicators, or any other status, the control lies with the user. The app redefines user autonomy, enabling individuals to craft their digital WhatsApp presence precisely how they desire.

Thematic Escapades

With the majority of apps sticking to standard color schemes, FM WhatsApp chooses to venture into the vibrant world of thematics. Gone are the days of the mundane green-dominated layout. This app offers a reservoir of over 4000 themes, ranging from the abstract artistry of nature to the adrenaline-packed realms of movies like the Walking Dead. Each day can dawn with a fresh theme, echoing the user’s mood or whims.

Optimizing Incoming Calls

While WhatsApp may cater primarily to text-based communication, calls have become an integral part of its ecosystem. FM WhatsApp introduces a novel approach to managing incoming calls. Instead of being at the mercy of every contact, users can now specify who gets the privilege to ring them, offering a respite from unwanted calls.

FM WhatsApp APK File Details:

App NameFM WhatsApp
Size71 MB
Requairment4.1 Android
DeveloperFM Mods
Total Downloads100000+
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Advantages of FmWhatsApp APK

Delving into the merits of the application:

  • Boasts a robust ‘anti-delete’ mechanism, ensuring recipients cannot erase your dispatched texts.
  • Offers a diverse palette of themes, with a vast library housing over a thousand distinctive designs.
  • Enhances media sharing by permitting a batch of ten images in a single transmission.
  • Supports the sharing of substantial files, accommodating up to 700 MB.


However, a few areas of concern with the application are:

  • A prominent concern pertains to user confidentiality. There’s potential exposure of personal chats to the developer, raising eyebrows on user privacy and the possibility of unwarranted surveillance.
  • Efficiency takes a hit as the application tends to operate at a pace notably slower than its original counterpart.

Distinctive Attributes of FM WhatsApp APK

Delve into the specialized features that FM WhatsApp brings to the table. It’s worth noting that all standard WhatsApp functionalities are intact in FM WhatsApp. The highlights below pinpoint the exclusives not found in the official WhatsApp app.

  • Initiate Chats with Non-Contacts: Start conversations without needing to save the contact first.
  • Automated Responses: Deploy the Auto-Reply feature.
  • Pre-schedule Texts: Use the Message Scheduler for timely dispatches.
  • Enhanced Broadcasting: Reach out to up to 1024 contacts simultaneously.
  • Limitless “View Once” Access: Revisit ‘view once’ multimedia any number of times.
  • Undesignated Forwards: Forward messages without the typical forwarded tag.
  • Conceal Contact Details: Opt to hide the contact’s name from view.
  • Contact Alerts: Get a toast notification with the ‘Contact Toast’ feature.
  • Static Online Visibility: Freeze your ‘last seen’ status.
  • Filtered Call Permissions: Customize incoming call preferences.
  • Stealthy Status Checks: View others’ statuses discreetly without them knowing.
  • Revoke Deletion Privileges: Prevent others from deleting sent messages or status with Anti-delete.
  • Delayed Read Confirmations: Only show blue ticks after you’ve replied.
  • Enhanced App Security: Lock the app or specific chats.
  • Private Conversations: The ability to hide certain chats.
  • Customized Privacy: Set individual privacy settings for contacts, groups, or broadcasts.
  • Stealth Features: Conceal blue ticks, secondary ticks, typing, voice note recording, and even the blue microphone indication.
  • Voice Modulations: Play around with the Voice Changer.
  • Thematic Variety: Choose from over 4000 theme designs.
  • Expressive Emojis: Access 6 different emoji styles.
  • Typography Choices: 60+ font designs at your disposal.
  • Personalized Icons: Tweak launcher and notification icons.
  • Media Stealth: Keep your media files hidden from the main gallery.
  • Uncompromised Image Quality: Share pictures in their full resolution.
  • Bulk Image Sharing: Send countless images in one go.
  • Persistent Online Indicator: Stay ‘online’ perpetually.
  • Enhanced Forwarding: Increase the forwarding limit to 250 chats.
  • UI Customizations: Modify the home and chat screens to your liking.
  • Offline Mode: Activate the ‘Airplane Mode’ to go off-grid.
  • Organized Interface: Dedicated tabs for individual chats and group conversations.
  • Status Downloads: Easily download friends’ status updates.

Guide to Install FM WhatsApp

Follow this step-by-step guide for a smooth installation process:

  • Power on your computer.
  • Ensure it’s connected to the internet.
  • Launch your preferred web browser.
  • Head over to Google’s homepage by entering “” in the address bar.
  • In the search box, type “FMWhatsApp download file.”
  • Once located, start downloading the file.
  • Upon completion, transfer this file to your Android device.
  • On your phone, navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Dive into the ‘Security’ section.
  • Find and toggle on the “Install from unknown sources” option.
  • Now, proceed to install the transferred setup file.
  • Once done, you’re all set to explore the app!


Absolutely not! FM WhatsApp is designed to work without needing root access. Simply install it as you would any regular APK.

Indeed, you can. Within the app settings, there’s an option to maintain the original quality of images when sharing. This ensures your photos aren’t compressed during transmission.

While FM WhatsApp allows you to extend the forwarding limit from the standard 5 contacts up to 250 chats, doing so might increase the likelihood of facing restrictions or bans. Always exercise caution and use such features responsibly.

Certainly! When ‘airplane mode’ is activated within FM WhatsApp, it temporarily halts all messaging functionalities, essentially taking you offline. It offers an advantage of keeping you off WhatsApp without needing to disconnect from the internet altogether.

Final Words

While the standard WhatsApp offers a reliable experience with its established infrastructure, those seeking a sprinkle of variety might find solace in FmWhatsApp. This version introduces novel features missing in the original. However, users must exercise caution. While it promises diversity and tailored experiences, it might fall short on the front of absolute confidentiality. We’ve laid out everything you need to know. Ultimately, the choice rests in your hands, bearing the outcomes that accompany it. It’s essential to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks before making a call. While we can provide insights, the final call is invariably yours.

In the discussion above, we delved into FM WhatsApp Apk, a standout among WhatsApp MODs. Packed with a plethora of intriguing features and enhancements, FM WhatsApp stands tall. A direct link to download FM WhatsApp is available within this piece, directing you to its official source. We’ve endeavored to present all pertinent details concerning FM WhatsApp for your convenience. Should you find yourself with queries or face challenges, don’t hesitate to voice them in the comments below. Our team is on standby to assist. We appreciate your engagement and thank you for perusing.